Springtime Wildflowers


Wildflower season is upon us and luckily wildflowers about in the Pacific Northwest. Last weekend Sheri and I were looking to take advantage of the lovely Easter Sunday weather for a hike and we wanted to see some wildflowers. So the question was…where do we go? I’ve been wanting to visit McCall Wildflower Preserve, but McCall seems best to visit in May.


Lupine and some early poison oak

What’s a wildflower loving girl to do? Visit oregonwildflowers.org! The name is misleading because it does have some locations in Washington as well. The site provides a list of locations and trails where you can find wildflowers, the types of flowers, and even if they are in bloom. If you are feeling helpful, you can leave a trip report and let others know what you found at a location.

oregonwildflowersFor our Easter hike we ended up on the Labyrinth Loop that’s between Coyote Wall and Catherine’s Creek. It was extremely lovely and we saw lots of wildflowers.



Being from the East coast, I’m not that familiar with some of the wildflowers in this area so I took lots of photos hoping to identify them. Oregon Wildflowers site also offers a lot of helpful links, but the site I like best is PNWflowers.com. It has a visual guide to identifying flowers by color and flower type…or even by month. They have an app too, which I’m thinking of buying even though it’s called Washington Wildflowers. 🙂

What are your favorite wildflower spots in the PNW? Let us know in the comments!


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