Kelly Point Park – A New Year Adventure

Urban Parks

How do you start off a new year? With a little adventuring of course! One of my instafriends is always posting amazing photos from Kelly Point Park in North Portland, and Sheri and I have been wanting to go for ages.

kellypoint2 Kelly Point Park is located where the Willamette River splits off from the Columbia. I learned by reading the information board in the park that Lewis & Clark missed the Willamette – twice!

As we parked we saw quite a few cars but it felt quite desolate. Walking onto the beach we spotted a man with his 3 dogs – two of which were frolicking in the icy water. We later spotted a group of people huddled around a beach fire pit after taking a plunge in the river too. Brr! They must have arrived just after us.


Old pilings and docks loomed like ghosts in the fog. Children were building sand castles and nearly everyone had a dog with them.


In addition to the beach, there is a treed area with paved walking paths, picnic tables, and fire pits. I’d love to go back in sunny weather where it must appear to be a totally different place. I definitely recommend Kelly Point Park on a foggy day though, where the silence and eerie fog is oddly peaceful.